Potencia provides independent unbiased and in-depth professional advice to decision makers across a multitude of disciplines and industries. Our team’s focus is on understanding our client's business operations and goals, which allows us to look at challenges from their point of view and still have a fresh perspective on how to tackle the issues at hand.

At Potencia we understand that frequently as reports may not suffice, we support our clients further into the implementation stage by extending our team and partners into key oversight assuring that the tasks or transitions are executed, as well as representation as board members and advisors.

I. COVID Vaccine: E-Commerce rescue plan

  • o Evaluation matrix of company’s preparedness for E-commerce platform
  • o Alignment of business model to E-commerce driven processes, reporting, budget and management across all departments.
  • o Marketing requirement and social media platforms strategy.
  • o KPI based feedback solution on effectiveness of E-business performance
  • o E-Commerce platform and backend needs: stock management, shipping & returns
  • o Security of website, E-commerce platform and payments

II. Business Strategic Reviews & Consultations:  Assets and operational audits, project status, market surveys, business plan validation, as well as assessment of company strategy with regards to growth and mergers and acquisitions.

  • o Studies: strategy development, business & market opportunities, technology implementation, process analysis and operational improvements, performing detailed analysis on the company's performance, market and customer strategy.
  • o Business planning: developing plans for growth, structuring "survival plans" and new market opportunities as well as looking at internal opportunities.
  • o Corporate finance restructuring: aligning finance department processes & reporting (FP&A) to international standards and focus on efficiency and visibility on treasury & cost management, as well as provide financial performance improvement plans & financial due diligence.
  • o Entrepreneurship services: Encompassing the development of market surveys, business planning from concept state, as well as, secondment of partners to help setup and establish the business.
  • o Process management & automation review: Inclusive of systems selection and/or development of systems required to manage.
  • o Asset & operation evaluation & sale documentation: Assist in evaluation and packaging of sale documents for major investments, inclusive of their assets, land plots and evaluation of operations. Investment analysis and forecasts as well as comprehensive explanatory documentation.
  • o Real estate portfolio assessment: Due diligence, market studies, assets evaluations & sale documents. Managed outsourced contracts and management of assets and FM contracts.
  • o Strategic Stakeholder Outreach: Large-scale management initiatives often fail if active participation from Key stakeholders and real buy-in is not secured.
  • o Risk & Crisis Management: A seasoned on site team will support in turning risk into manageable action plans and opportunities and help manage a major event that threatens to harm the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public is dealt with according to a communications strategic plan.
  • o Board of Directors support & advisory services: strategic reviews of structure, governance and reporting.

III. Technology: Providing a suite of technology advisory services and reviews, with a focus on adapting to today’s changing market.

  • o IT strategy, infrastructure & Security systems design: Infrastructure review of technology platforms and their scalability in growing environments or in M&As. This covers the full spectrum of systems from website audit & development, application architecture and development and network audits.
  • o Develop IT strategy that aligns IT objectives with the business.
  • o Review architecture design and its alignment to business and technologies.
  • o Review end-to-end infrastructure.
  • o Review roadmaps and Introduction of new technologies that streamline business and IT models.
  • o Technology risk and security: Assessing and developing security programs on an infrastructure or application/website level.

IV. Program Management Office (PMO):

  • o PMO setup: Setup of a PMO, inclusive of the required processes to assure success by proper implementation of processes and procedures providing transparency in the projects progress as well as the selection and deployment of necessary systems for automated reporting.
  • o Project & program planning: program and projects planning from their initiation and business cases to the development of the WBS (work breakdown structures) and the management platform to review and manage deployment.
  • o Tender management: of large-scale construction projects as well as sizable asset acquisitions.
  • o IPP (Independent Power Plant) project development: BOT Power Plants Proposal and their respective packaging of required disciplines, inclusive of concept and business proposal to EPC, Legal, technical and financials.

V. Financial:

  • o Corporate Finance Review: of processes and procedures, including gates / key documents. Assessment and optimization of business processes. Analysis and optimization of working capital needs.
  • o Business Case assessments: Scenario modelling, ROI/IRR calculations and assessment.
  • o KPI’s Definition and implementation: of performance indicator within the Finance team.
  • o Accounting software implementation: ERP, business needs analysis, business process and information’s, optimization. Flow charts. SOP’s, processes and procedures.
  • o Cost Control Review: Analysis of business needs and implementation full cost and budgetary control as per Business standards and practices for an efficient management and cost savings.
  • o Financial Management and reporting: Assist in bank debt restructuring, Banking, Insurance, FP&A.
  • o Assets Management: Assess, analyze assets values and performance. Elaborate proper assets management process.
  • o Trade Finance and Banking: Review and elaborate in proper procurement payment methodology through various payment tools as per best business international practices (L/Cs, L/Gs, …).

VI. HR & workforce:

  • o HR Management framework: HR procedures, policies, templates and forms; Employee Manual and a Manager Handbook.
  • o Sourcing and selection of manpower: Elaborate sourcing strategies, define recruitment tools, and procedures.
  • o HR Budget development: define a manpower budget, design processes and monitoring tools.
  • o Development and learning programs: Design and implement skills analysis, gap analysis, leading to a HR development plan and budget; Provide tailor made training and coaching for employees and management.
  • o Performance management framework: Design and implement effective and actionable performance assessment procedure and tools, in order to assess and improve employee’s performance and productivity, in line with the company’s strategic goals and targets.
  • o Human Resources Information Systems (HRMIS): advise on effective, user-friendly, affordable and operational systems to recruit, manage, develop and mobilize employees, combining Employer’s owned database with Employee Self Service; assist in the business analysis case, the design stage and the implementation of such systems; Design HR dashboards.
  • o HR Audits and HR Integrated Quality and Risk System (HRIQRS): review existing HR documents and practices, translate ISO standards into the systems, processes and documentation; assess and identify risk areas on a Prevention-Mitigation-Insurance basis.
  • o Insurances: Provide advice in the fields of individual and collective insurance schemes covering health, life, workmen’s compensation, pension plans, director’s liability.


  • o Legal Risk management: set-up a risk-management review system in order to assess and action risk areas.
  • o Employee and unions’ relations: Assist in reviewing individual or collective legal actions initiated by employees or unions.
  • o Insurances: Provide advise on professional liability and third-party liability insurance plans.